When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they and their family can feel shocked, directionless and afraid. They often feel a desperate need to talk things through in confidence with someone who understands and can give expert support.

Waiting lists on the NHS can be as long as 6 – 9 months and counseling are often general in nature rather than an expert in the issues raised by living with cancer or its aftermath.

We provide up to nine sessions of specialist cancer counseling for each client. Each caller will have a separate tailored assessment to ensure their needs and expectations from counseling are met. At this stage, we will also signpost to other organizations that may help with other issues such as financial difficulties, medical information and practical care.

Each session lasts 50 minutes and is designed to support the client as best as possible through this emotionally turbulent time. Sessions have conducted either face to face in London or over the telephone for the rest of the United Kingdom.

How we do it

We have been recognized by the Department of Health and the NHS as providing a much needed and utilized service not only in London but also across the UK.

We train professionals at Cancerbackup, Macmillan Cancer Support and Breast Cancer Care and all these charities consistently refer clients to us, as do oncology departments and NHS surgeries across the UK.

We have a highly flexible approach and we endeavor to see all those who contact us within a fortnight, often sooner.


We support anyone over the age of sixteen who are impacted by cancer, whether they have cancer themselves or they are affected by someone else’s illness, We see clients from all walks of life, across a wide spectrum of age, race, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexuality. The majority of our clients are registered as disabled as cancer is now recognized by the government as a disability. In the last year, we have set up various projects to focus on supporting younger people, parents who have to break the news of cancer to their children and clients who are terminally ill with cancer.