Who can help?

The impact of a cancer diagnosis presents enormous challenges both for patients and those close to them. As well as the need for timely treatment, it is important to recognize that the threat implicit in a life threatening condition can result in acute levels of anxiety, anger and self reproach.

It isn’t always easy to talk to family members or friends about fears and feelings. For the last ten years, The Cancer Counselling Trust has provided valuable therapeutic support to over 2000 clients to help them with difficult decisions and emotions as well as publishing useful articles and links to other organizations via this website.

Our team of specialist counsellors and psychotherapists all have many years’ experience of working with cancer issues, both face to face and over the phone. Although we have had to close our London office and can no longer offer our national free service, the following therapists, all former team members, are able to offer you skilled and informed support either face to face or over the phone.

North London

Jenny Altschuler
Jane Fior
Kate Gowshall
Jonathan Hartley
Louis Heyse-Moore
Sue Soave
Dilys Stinson
Cancer Counselling London

South London

Christine Bradler
Helen Storey


Shahina Haque

Sevenoaks, Kent

Kathleen Russell


Clare Crombie

Training and supervision

Jenny Altschuler
Alice Bulman
Jonathan Hartley

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